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Building Futures of Choice


Problem or Opportunity of a Lifetime?

The global economy and the definition of value are rapidly changing and organizations, as well as the leaders in them, are struggling to adapt.  People are seeking a life with purpose.  Those who embrace this new paradigm and most effectively navigate an environment of constant change will win, and they’ll win big.  Growth is the only success metric and “How” to do it in a manner relevant to these new economic norms is the question with which leaders around the globe are struggling daily.







The How of WhyTM

Leaders face an endless series of “How” questions starting with the visionary to the much more concrete challenges of implementation.  We’ll collaborate with you to define your needs, identify opportunity, and get you and your organization moving forward guided by a deep sense of purpose.  AvalonBridge is your partner each step of the way with solutions and support to directly serve one or more operational needs designed to have an immediate impact from the point of first engagement.


We do this through a combination of targeted investment and our Strategic Consulting Practice.  Our focus is on helping you design a future of choice, full of possibility, backed by the plans, talent, frameworks, intelligence, and technology to get you there.  Thus is the essence of an organization performing at its highest levels capable of sustaining that performance through the highs and lows of any business cycle.




Joining Forces

Don't go it alone.  We seek to apply our deep strategic and operational experiences in ways that have a meaningful impact on your organization - quickly.  There are environments in which we thrive.  Our client partners take on a combination of the following attrbiutes:

Technology or Government Services

Market Focus

Fueled by On-going Operations, Venture Capital, or Private Equity

Emerging, Small, Mid-market, Large Business Group/Division

Fast-growth or Challeged/Flat/Declining

Individual Executive or Team-based Work

Positioning for/Seeking Exit, Acquisative

Leadership is "All In" Committed to Their Purpose, Seeking to Lead Their Industry, Highly Values Talent and Quality, Focused on Achieving Operational Results that Address One or More Business Needs



Accelerate our partnership and, most importantly, your growth by rapidly translating strategy to operational solutions, building organizational capabilities, elevating personal competency, and fast-tracking employee engagement by leveraging the AvalonBridge team and our proven and tested resources.


Team of Collaborators



Collaboration Portal



Craig is an accomplished leader and operational executive.  Over his 22+ year career, he’s built a reputation as an innovator and results focused strategic thought leader doing business collaboratively and ethically. 

During his time as a military officer and private sector executive, he’s led teams large and small to win big and achieve stretch goals.  He's been the driving force behind major efforts transforming the way organizations think about their future and designing operational solutions ensuring an enduring relevance to all stakeholders, namely their employees and customers.

These successful efforts include enterprise change initiatives, mergers and acquisitions, major new business pursuits, technology launches, government relations, and marketing and rebranding efforts.

Results include:

  • Achieving a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 78% during one of the most challenging economic periods since the Great Depression (2006 – 2012);

  • 100% major prime contract win rate;

  • Over $5B in contract opportunity won;

  • Recognition as a top fast growth company regionally and nationally. 

Craig serves on multiple for-profit and not-for-profit boards and engages in angel and growth stage investing, primarily focused on advanced technology companies in the areas of big data, mobile apps, cloud computing and cybersecurity.

He’s passionate about family, community, economic growth, technology, and national security.

Craig A. Parisot

Craig A. Parisot


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Let's Engage

If you have a challenge, project, initiative, pursuit or other need you’d like to discuss with us, regardless of whether or not you have a formal RFP or just exploring your options, let’s see if we’re a match.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  If you’d like to provide a little more information, complete this brief confidential engagement inquiry


Our performance-based approach to compensation takes into account both your results as well as the AvalonBridge assets used.  This kind of commitment to your success and compensation model flexibility is one of many attributes that sets us apart and specifically addresses the financial realities of our client partners.


We don’t know everyone in the market that could benefit from a partnership with AvalonBridge.  Therefore, we have a sales referral program.  If interested, send us a message requesting more information.


Whether you’re ready now or will be in the future, let’s stay connected!


Getting Connected

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AvalonBridge is headquartered in

Great Falls, Virginia.


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